What is a courier?

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| noun  | cou·ri·er | Etymology from Latin currere (to run) |

Couriers are often local, and sometimes referred to a messengers, runners, or mail carriers. Couriers can quickly transport many items across town. Because couriers can offer rapid pickup, tracking, and signature confirmation at delivery; they are often the delivery method of choice for many businesses.  

Why use a courier?

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We can save you time and money

With the number of small businesses growing, the one-size-fits-all approach to shipping doesn’t make sense anymore. Why call an international company to move something across town? or a few towns over? When shipping locally, we can save you time and money with our fast service, and great low rates.

We can help you grow

Because we specialize in same day shipping at affordable rates, you can get your items/ documents/ packages to your clients and customers faster than ever!

We can offer peace of mind

Once your items are picked up they are tracked and signed for at delivery. Your items won’t be damaged on over loaded semi-trucks, smashed in a sorting machine, or simply lost in the mail. Instead, each and every item is handle with extreme care.